As the Lady Gina family, we are in the process of planning to expand. For franchise agreements, you can contact us using the form below.

Franchising & Dealership Application

Our Conditions for Being a Member of the Lady Gina Family

The person or institution applying for franchise;

He must have experienced retailing and fashion and made it a lifestyle.

Must have sales experience.

It should be able to give assurance that people with no sales experience will work with a professional team.

m2: 100-150 m2 area will be sufficient. In case of a private place, it can be 80 m2.

Location: Areas where women's clothing is dominant and where upper segment brands are located are preferred. The places you suggest will be reviewed by our authorities and will continue if approved. If there is no approval or you do not have a place suggestion, we can recommend a suitable place for you.

Name usage right: It will not be taken from applications made until December 2023.

Guarantee Fee: Letter of guarantee in the amount of the products to be delivered according to the product agreement.

Architectural works: All project and configuration will be done and supervised by our company. The specified project and the materials to be used will be the same brand and the same quality. There will be no different application. All construction works will continue to be controlled by our company.

To contact us about franchising, you can use the form above or send an e-mail to After your application is evaluated, if it is deemed appropriate, you will be contacted through the communication channels you specified.