Elastic Waist Striped Trousers

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Striped Trousers with Elastic Waist: Indispensable for the Spring/Summer Season
Get ready for the spring/summer season with Elastic Waist Striped Trousers that combine comfort and elegance!

High Quality and Comfort:

  • It offers comfort all day long with its cotton and soft texture.
  • It provides comfortable use with its elasticated waist design.
  • It gives an eye-catching look with its striped pattern.
Versatile Use:
  • You can easily use it in daily life, in the office or on special occasions.
  • It adapts to every style with different combinations.
Can be used with flat or heeled shoes.
SKU: GN09-BVB24Y4012BEJ36
Colour: BEIGE
Body: 36

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