Shirt Collar Front Zipper Jacket with Elastic Waist

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Meet the Shirt Collar Front Zipper and Elastic Waist Jacket, which will be the favorite of the spring/summer season with its stylish and comfortable style! Ideal for dazzling both in your daily life and on special occasions, this jacket will add a modern and elegant touch to your style.

Make a stylish entrance into the spring/summer season with this stylish Shirt Collar Front Zipper and Elastic Waist Jacket! You can get a daily look by combining it with jeans and a t-shirt, and you can dazzle on special occasions by combining it with a skirt and blouse.

  • Shirt Collar: Shirt collar design for a classic and timeless look.
  • Zippered Front: Zippered front for easy putting on and taking off.
  • Elastic Waist: Elastic waist that hugs your body and hides your flaws.
  • Light and Comfortable Fabric: Light and comfortable fabric suitable for spring/summer months.
SKU: GN16-BVB24Y1320BEJ36
Colour: BEIGE
Body: 36

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