Short Sleeve Belted Dress with Flower Embroidery on the Shoulder

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Get ready to create a special place in your wardrobe with our new collection that brings together style and elegance. This season's favorite: Short Sleeve Belted Dress with Flower Embroidery on the Shoulder! This dress, where elegance meets details, will make your special days even more special.

The floral embroidery on the shoulders of the dress attracts attention with its feminine touch and delicate details. These elegant embroideries add a unique atmosphere to the dress and emphasize your elegance by highlighting the shoulder area.

The short sleeve detail makes the dress stylish enough to be worn at any time of the day. This dress, which stands out with its lightness on hot summer days, has a wide range of uses, from summer parties to city outings.

The thin belt at the waist ensures that the dress fits the body perfectly, emphasizing you in the most beautiful way. The elegance of the belt adds extra elegance to the dress and offers you a unique style.

SKU: GN01-BVB24Y64086EKRU38
Colour: ECRU
Body: 38

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